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Re: what do you allow your 8 year old to do??

My daughter had friends like that for a while. They parted ways by about 2nd grade. But, the two i'm thinking of were little tramps by high school.

One tried to meet up with her "online boyfriend" in 5th grade, but she had told him she was 16, and he had told her he was 18. Turned out she was 10, and he was 30. He was not impressed, and she was scared.... he did stay there with her while he called the police. She continued to chat with people online even after the police took her home and told her dad.

He didn't want to stifle her.

The other one had "dates" by 5th grade. They would get a ride to the pizza place or a movie theater and the boy would pay. I was horrified. SHe was all dressed up and wearing too much makeup.

At that age, my kid still like Pokemon.
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