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Re: Cupcakes and red dye allergy

My son and daughter have a "red dye" sensitivity. I keep him away from all artificial dye because other colors, most of them, have red in them. My daughter is actually more affected by colors other than red, but the family all still says "red dye." I'm trying to get them out of that habit and just say artificial dyes. (I actually keep all my kids away from it so they don't feel singled out. His is worse than hers.) I is very sweet of you to think of them. We have never had anything think of us and we have to decline or figure something out. When it comes to cupcakes or cake, I usually remove the icing if it's colored.

Natural colors are expensive and not the same. You don't get the bright color and they can be unpredictable in how they will look. You can buy them online though.

A good option is what pp said about making a removable decoration.

Personally, I'd just be thrilled if you made one cupcake with white icing for my kids. (Well, 5 for us, one for the child you are mentioning.)

For what it is worth, I make all my children's cake's (and cupcakes). I do use artificial color, but I try to make the base of the icing either white or chocolate (no color at all). I try to do a lot of the decorations with candy which is very easy to just take off. Then, I pipe the other icing on top of the white/choc and then remove it when my kids are going to eat it. (Or if it's just a little and they are going to be at home, I just give it to them and deal with the fall out, which is out of control behavior. But, I won't do this at someone else's house unless we are leaving immediately after. LOL!)

Very sweet of you! Good luck!
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