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Re: Could this rash be cow's milk allergy/intollerance?

Originally Posted by themaelane View Post
Does she have an intolerance or allergy, or do you not know? I know little about intolerances, but if they are allergic to milk protein (my DD is) then NO, she cannot drink raw milk.

There are many benefits to organic raw milk, but an allergy to the milk protein is not gonna be fixed by that. I'd recommend you look them up if you are interested, or ask other mommas as I know little about raw milk.
This isn't true. I have a milk allergy and have talked to MANY people who are allergic to pasteurized milk but can drink raw milk. I've got many farmer friends, who are all for every modern agricultural technology (including pasteurization) that also recommend raw milk for a milk allergy.

It doesn't work for everyone but it does kinda make sense to me. Allergies occur when your body attacks proteins it deems dangerous. Pasteurization breaks the proteins down, changing them and denaturing them, potentially making the body react to them differently.

Also it's pretty common that people with milk allergies can do well on goats milk. It's easier to digest and doesn't contain the protein that people with milk allergies commonly react to.

That said. I would be very leary to test anything on a small baby. Looking back I probably had my own allergy for years. It is probably the cause of my kidney stones (due to inflammation) among other problems as well. For the most part none of the symptoms were strong enough for me to notice or draw a link to milk with. A baby can't vocalize how they are feeling enough. I will be honest I don't even want to test myself for some of the alternatives just because I'm afraid I will go back to a smaller reaction and not notice it.
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