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Re: Day 18 of no poop and starting to get antsy

Still no poop, 20 days. Ridiculous. I was kind of hoping that just making the pedi appt would be enough to make her poop, no such luck. They checked DD's stomach. It's not distended or bloated or hard. She didn't react as if in pain to any of the touching on her stomach. She is passing tons of gas, so if there is a blockage it isn't total. She is otherwise healthy, happy, and still growing right on her 50% curve (though I suspect there's a pound of poop in her belly). Her coloring is fine, muscle tone is fine, no fever. Just no poop.

At first they said it might be time to try a suppository, but after talking to the pediatric g-i team they decided it was better to attempt giving DD pureed prunes first, then if that doesn't work by tomorrow afternoon to try 1 tsp of dark karo syrup (not a fan of this choice). They recommended Miralax and I said I'd prefer not to use this. If by our Monday appt she still hasn't gone, then they will try a suppository and have us see a g-i specialist to do intestinal scans for blockages or irregularities and samples to test DD's bacteria levels and to test for allergies.

The recommended chiropractor is on vacation for the long weekend. But I still made an appointment to have DD adjusted first thing Tuesday.

I tried prunes at dinner time and it was rough going. DD still has a very strong tongue thrust and is not ready for solids. I thinned it with bm and that helped a bit.

I've eaten olive oil and coconut oil. I'm a little worried about giving it to DD straight like some suggested just because if her system is out of whack then I don't want to damage her little belly.

So, at this point, since her pedi wasn't panicked yet, I'm just going to wait it out and keep a very close eye on her. I think I'm going to also ask for a g-i referral anyway. Now I'm just going to expect the mother of all poops. We've never had a blowout yet with cloth diapers, so we'll see how this goes!
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