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Re: Phil & Ted strollers- do you have one?

Originally Posted by jessicanashville View Post
The jump seat was nice for babies but toddlers can't see anything and just want to get out.
I have never experienced this with any of the 4 children I have put in the bottom seat.

The bottom seat holds to 35lbs on my e3, I cannot speak to what weights work on the newer models. I follow the P and T recommendations for my model and do not place my child in the bottom seat until over 8 months of age. On mine, it doesn't recline and there is no spine or head support. I cannot imagine a tiny riding there?? So I put the older sibling on the bottom while the baby rides up front in their infant seat, or I put the extra seat on the front toddler upper mount positions and lay the main seat down for the baby. Over 5-6 months, I let my baby ride in the main seat and the toddler rides down lower. Then over 8 months, the baby rides on the bottom and the older child up front. I love the versatility and found it to work very well no matter what age combination of children I have put in it. P and T used to have an excellent video on their website of all the various seating combinations. Don't know if they still do.
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