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Re: Please help me keep going...

Another update, the LC and I decided we needed to supplement with formula because I am not producing enough when I pump. I've cried off and on all day. The LC recommended I try nursing her on my right side once every three feedings. I tried it and she ripped my scab off and made me bleed within 15 seconds, it was terrible. She's also managed to injure my left nipple badly enough that I am pumping that one too. I am alternating formula and pumped milk until I can get my supply back up.

I called and spoke with LLL, they are recommending a nipple shield and a hospital grade pump. I am going to rent one tomorrow and I'll talk with my LC about the nipple shield. I am going to work on increasing my supply so even if I can't exclusively Breastfeed I can produce as much as possible for her.

Also I am starting to suspect a mild tongue tie. I've noticed that when she cries her tongue is heart shaped and the LLL leader I spoke with said her tongue shouldn't be heart shaped at all. That would explain my low supply and her crappy latch and how she's nursing all the time but not gaining. I am going to mention it to the pediatrician and see what he thinks.
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