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Re: SAHPs: How much do you play with your kids?

Sometimes, when my oldest two are at each others throats, I put coats, hats, and gloves on them and send them out to our fenced backyard and lock the door behind them. I can see them from the kitchen, and do dishes in the quiet for a few minutes. As far as I'm concerned, they need to learn to work it out. DD usually deserves what DS dishes out her way, so when they are outside, I refuse to listen to tattling.

DS is special, so I have to referee some. He hits and scratches. But if they can't play nice, they both go to their rooms.

Other things we do...put out a dish of water and paint brushes, and paint construction paper. It dries, and then you can paint it again. All the fun of painting with minimal mess. We do this a lot while I make lunch.

In the afternoons, while DD2 takes her nap, we try to do a little "school" so each kid comes by him/herself to the kitchen table to do some workbook/coloring/phonics activity. I love the Explode the Code primer books for the preschool age. The others have to play quietly and are not allowed to interrupt.

In the mornings, they play with me in the room while I do wash, clean up, do the dishes, etc. Often, the kids like to help. When I'm home from work, we don't usually get up til about 8, and have breakfast about 9. I clean up and get stuff done til about 11 while they play, then we start making lunch. After lunch, we go outside and ride bikes. Then DD2 naps and DS and I do things. DD1 gets home from school around 4, and on T and F, she has to go to karate, on W we have family counseling for DS, and on Th, DD has violin. The only night DD is home after school is Monday. Saturday DS has soccer and DD has violin group, and Sunday we have church and Girl Scouts, and DS has swimming in the evening, so we are constantly on the go when she is home.
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