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Re: Let's talk childhood obesity....

I didn't read all 11 pages.
My son is 10 and he is overweight. He was skinny from toddler to age 8. Then he gained weight and went from slims to husky size pants. Am I concerned? No!
He is active. We don't eat out a lot. He doesn't get a ton of candy or processed food. He never drinks soda or koolaid. I might have 5 or 6 things in the house that have high fructose corn syrup but I'm trying hard not to buy anything that contains it.

I don't limit his portions. He has to eat all of his food on the plate including his vegetables and then he can have 2nds of whatever. He has not had a TV dinner in 2 years. I'm not going to start acting like the food police.

I think it is perfectly normal for kids to gain weight ... grow.. gain weight and then grow. He out grew all his school pants in 2 months after school started. (They all became highwaters) He takes his vitamins and is relatively healthy. His dad is over 6 ft and naturally over 200lbs. His dad has never battled with obesity. I have never been more than 15lbs over weight (except right after having a baby and I have a thyroid issue). We have no family history of obesity. BUT all three of my brothers did get chunky in middle school and leaned as they grew. All three of my brothers are average/skinny now as adults.
His pediatrician said he was overweight but not obese. I told them I am not putting him on a diet. I told them to check his BMI and they said they would do that next year if it was still a concern.

I do think it is the parents job to monitor. However as long as the kid is eating healthy, I think it's kinda normal for weight to fluctuate.
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