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Re: Tell me about Alva pockets.

I started cding with Sunbabies and Alvas. I preferred Alvas hands down to Sunbaby. They had a much better fit than Sunbabies and seemed to be made better. I would definitely suggest going through a co-op to get them. They don't always get stuck in customs, it's a roll of the dice. In the end though I ran into problems. First it was the smell with mf inserts, they are terrible! I switched to bamboo. Then my problem was leaking, especially when dd got to the point where she started holding her pee and then peeing a gallon all at once. With a he washer it was hard to figure out the "perfect" wash routine to get them to rinse clean. I washed in warm and dried on hot with no problems delaminating. It seems like pul is much harder to rinse clean though.
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