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Re: HS Check in. Jan 14-Jan 31

Michelle--you are correct, I do not have to be logging hours this year. I feel like it's good practice for me though. I know when I first started keeping track of hours I had a terrible time remembering to write stuff down. I'm doing much better now, and hopefully by next year when we do have to keep hours I'll be a pro. It also helps me sometimes seeing where we need more practice, and so on.

As far as how we keep hours, yes we break it down. I see you are in IL, and I'm not sure what they require. We have to have 600 core hours, so we have to break it down at least some. I use a teacher's plan book, put a subject or two in each column and jot down what we did for each day. I usually do it as we go along and I'm not real specific....with reading for example, I may write that we read for an hour but we really only read for 50 minutes and I don't write what we read. I'll see if I can remember to take a picture but it's kind of messy.

As for us...It's Sunday evening and I already feel like my week is shot. Tomorrow public school is out so my brother asked me to watch my nephew--this is "Jon" from the other thread. Tuesday I'm in charge of food for a family in the church that just had a miscarriage. Wednesdays are always crazy with gymnastics and church, Thursday is Keegan's appointment and I plan on doing some shopping while I'm in Springfield, then Friday the kids are having 3 kids from church over for a sleepover. It makes me tired just thinking about it.

ETA: Oh yeah, Kristin--you do NOT have to file a letter of intent. Like PP said, the schools *like* you to because they get funding if you do. So sometimes they will try to push you into it and act like you have to, but you don't. We aren't filing.

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