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Re: HS Check in. Jan 14-Jan 31

Jen - I know it was a few days ago now, but back to the slow readers LOL, 20 minutes for one kid to read the Bible reader sounds like heaven. It generally takes Zack a good hour to read it. But, that is because he is stopping every 3 words to complain or pick at something or talk about something or just generally get distracted. And, if he reads it a second time, he takes just as long and gets mad because he already read it once. *sigh* If he just reads, he can do a page in about 5-7 minutes. Yes, I believe his problem is mostly confidence and his attitude. The other issue he has is remembering the special sounds. We are working on that. I've started using using flash cards daily...sort of. He responds very well to using a white board, don't know why. So, I have my card, but I write each blend on the whiteboard as we go along. I am using a variation of the colors idea you gave. I write the sound in black and then after he tells me what it says, I but letters in front or back (or both) to make a word and have him read it. I really think this is helping. Plus, he is definitely gaining confidence this week. Yay! We will see what this week holds.

We all have weeks that we don't get as much done. I've had many lately. You'll be fine. Congrats on hitting 600hrs!! :cheerleader:

Kristin - Woo Hoo for 750 hrs!!

mevans - So true about watching our kids get things and mature! It's awesome to see. It also builds my confidence in my ability to teach them also.

As for us, we got in a little school on Saturday. We often do school on Saturday when my husband is at work to make up for not doing it once (or more) during the week. We did have a very good week last week. I'm really hoping for that again. I'm a little frustrated with how much we have been sick in the last few weeks (constantly with 2 rounds of the stomach virus, the flu and now colds with fevers). A couple of the kids have had fevers in the last couple of days. I hope the others don't have it tomorrow and we can keep going. Nothing special for tomorrow though.

Hope everyone has a good week!!
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