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Originally Posted by March
They've stolen Cotton Babies' Lovelace and GroVia's Nature, for sure. Kawaii stole GroVia's Mod Flower. These companies don't steal actual reams of PUL; they have their graphic artists recreate the print, it looks like.

Importing these prints into the US is illegal, but it's also illegal to import anything that violates a patent, and Alvas are in violation of a few patents. If you look at their listings on Alibaba, they note which US, Canadian, and European patents they're in violation of and warn importers to import at their own risk. Technically if you're importing it for resell (like a co-op does or like a store that sells them with their own labels), you're supposed to edit the product before it can be distributed/sold. So, for example, if the snap placement violates a patent, then anybody who is importing them MUST remove and reconfigure the snap placement before they can go to anybody else's hands.
Wow, I have never looked them up on alibaba, so I didn't know they actually told you which patents they violate!
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