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Re: HS Check in. Jan 14-Jan 31

Hi mamas! We are a family of 7 and homeschool our 1st grade son and 3rd grade daughter. I do also have a 3yo and 4yo that do preschool work but our school focus is mostly on the older 2 at this point. We use Time4learning online curriculum to work on core subjects with additional math practice on and an eclectic approach to supplemental materials. Our goal this year was to make great progress with core subjects since both my children were previously struggling while using Oak Meadow curriculum. They are doing *really* great with the curriculum change and school has gone really well for us. Back in September I went through pretty much every curriculum option I could think of and even considered sending them to public school for the first time, since I was very upset that they were not making progress with our previous Waldorf inspired homeschool experience.

I love how much they've learned and that it fits so nicely into our busy days. Our late afternoons each day are usually packed with something that takes us out of the house, so it is really important to me that school is crossed off the list before we leave. They usually work on their school work intensely for a good 2-3 hours daily in the AM and really seem to enjoy it. Because we've gotten to a place that we are making great progress and are so organized (thanks to program, not me LOL) it has left lots of time for extras. They frequently work on art or science stuff after lunch just because they want to in the afternoons. I really like that they have the time to explore their interests and that we have more time for things like swim lessons, etc. We actually just took them to the Pacific Science Center yesterday and spent the day wandering around Seattle, then took the ferry home. We had such a great time! Interesting that a thorough evaluation of our homeschool priorities last fall has made such a huge positive change in our life.

Anyway, look forward to chatting with this group more

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