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Sold please delete

I'd like to sell these in lots if possible!

Night trainers:
Awesome set of night time trainers from Gaia's Treasures. I had these custom made but they are just too big for my little peanut. I recieved these the week before Christmas, so they've not been used much at all. I don't see any flaws at all, no staining that I see. These are not waterproof. I bought them to use as a pull-up for night use, under wool. They are more absorbant thn the day use trainers, and they have a pocket in them so you can add absorbancy (I use either one or two Sbish doublers in them for overnight and they are barely wet on the outside for us, we continue to use wool overnight, this was easier to use for middle of the night potty trips). I'm happy to add in 6 doublers for $12 extra, just let me know.

Inners are cotton velour and super soft.

Measurements are 16.5 9 14 (waist leg rise)

Prints are: Apples, zany zebra, pretty bird, flowers/birds, D&G cat, and lavender flowers.

These retail for $13 each plus shipping

$45ppd for the lot of 6

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