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Re: FFS mama cloth lotto

Please enter me for my DDs... thank you!

My funny CDing story would be when I was going grocery shopping & leaving our DC w/ DH... it was going to be the 1st time I left DH ALONE w/the CDs when I wasn't there... he had taken it upon himself before to TRY & use pockets previously when I was home, & since he had snapped rise snaps to leg snaps and the diaper leaked, I KNEW he wasn't CD least not w/snaps LOL. But this time I left him aplix BG... I told him that whatever he did, he was NOT to use ANY cream, etc. inside the CDs... he ACTED like he listened (he even repeated it back to me... "Got it, NO diaper cream on the CDs")... so I came home a couple of hours later & he had smeared DESITIN all over the inside of a OS BG pocket... I asked WHAT in the world he did & he said, "You said to be SURE to use diaper cream in the CDs!!!!!" He was serious too... he obviously hears like his mother!! LOL

Another time he used CD's after the ointment incident, he laid a OS MF insert inside a pocket w/out putting it in the actual pocket... after that I had to actually HIDE the snap diapers from him as well as the PF, because he wanted to show he COULD use them... but I only left velcro dipes for him to use because I was afraid what he would do next... LOL. Oh AND after that I made sure to stuff all diapers 1st before leaving him alone w/them!! LOL

Last funny also involved DH... this was w/an ODD, after I had been CDing her for 2 mos w/prefolds (I hadn't yet told DH I was CDing because he said if I started to CD I'd never keep doing it because of the ick factor & having to wash them... little did HE know I saw cleaning the toilet & the floor around it almost as equally gross and that cleaning CDs was nothing after that!! LOL) we were driving a few hours from home (it was a few hours because of the traffic we had sat through for hours) & one DD had come down w/a fever & broke out in a rash on her face, chest, etc. I was sitting in the seat next to her car seat to comfort her & we were trying to figure out if we should keep going since we were only 5-10 mins away from our destination or turn around & sit another 3 hours in traffic... then DH says to me while looking at me in the rear view mirror, "I wonder if she has a fever & rash from the CLOTH DIAPERS?!"

Oh man, YES, he was SERIOUS!!!! That was his way of LMK he knew I was using them... so then I told him, "Yeah, MAYBE if she had the fever 2 MONTHS ago when I FIRST started using the diapers... AND if it were even POSSIBLE for CD's to cause a fever... and a rash on a baby's FACE, TUMMY, and CHEST!!!!"

We still LOL LOL about those CD stories...
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