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Re: Chores

We have a sticker char that my kids love, here is what I have written on it for them

5 yo
Make bed
Pick up dirty clothes
put away books and toys on bedroom floor
pick up toys in living room
put away trains and cars in playroom

4 yo
make bed
pick up dirty clothes
pick up books and toys off bedroom floor
pick up toys in living room
put away stuffed animals in playroom
put away books in playroom

Then they get 2-3 extra jobs added as needed. They are not allowed to watch tv during DD's naptime unless all of their jobs for the day are done.

2 yo doesn't have assigned jobs yet, but is given things to do throughout the day like put the shoes on the shoe shelf, or take all of your babies to your bedroom.

They also all take their own dishes to the sink, put coats, hats, mittens away, put away their own laundry (once folded)etc.
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