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Re: What's the rule on posting links when people ask for information?

Originally Posted by ~happy2Bamommy~ View Post
My pm box has room now so you can pm me again if you wish.

I did not tell you that you may not post your information.Simply that you did not need to keep linking to your blog. If someone asks a question you wish to answer feel free to copy/paste information.

Yours is a bit of a grey area and the pm was based on posting history.
You have a lot of posts for your blog in the correct area (check out my blog forum) but recently started posting links to your blog in threads. While the threads you are commenting on DO ask questions that pertain to the blog it looks a bit like you are seeking out things that have to do with your blog in order to answer said questions by linking to what you wrote (one example was a pretty old thread that you found and then linked to your blog) We do not allow spam here and while yours is helpful info, when you link over and over to your blog, it begins to look a bit like you are working for hits to the blog.

I did just clear room in my pm box if you need anything else.

Thanks - I wasn't confused about being allowed to post information, it was the linking. And PPer explained they are dealt with on an as-seen basis too.

I appreciate the clarification - it was just really difficult to understand what the rules were based on your PMs & what's posted on the forum here. I'm not intending to spam, just help. I've been a member here for years & just sharing things I thought would help/am not trying to just work on hits. That's more trouble than it's worth lol

Also, a note for copying & pasting info - that's not a good idea (for myself & is really rude if someone else does it - it is stealing content & a website that does it can be taken down for copyright infringement).

Thanks for all the help & I'll just respond w/regular text replies in the future
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