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Re: Why Are Most Men So Ill-Equiped To Exist?

Much of it is how they were raised. Much of it is how they are treated by their wives. I think a lot of women unconsciously send a message to their spouses that they can't do things as well as the women, so the men don't bother. Instead of just thanking him for doing the dishes, we complain about something he forgot. So, he figures there isn't a good reason for him to make the effort.

And some of it is that they just don't think about it. Or not that they don't think about, but that it doesn't bother them. They don't see why the toys need to all be picked up and put away because they know the kids are going to play with them again the next day. I have also noticed that guys tend to not multitask as well as women. Not that none of them can, but while it seems to be a pretty natural thing for women, it doesn't seem to be for men. I think a lot of the details get lost while they are focused on one thing at a time.
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