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Re: Why Are Most Men So Ill-Equiped To Exist?

In my core and extended family its the women who take on the majority of the upkeep of the house and family. The men are supposed to get a job and be able to financially support their wife and children.
The men in my family do not do household chores, take care of children, cook (except grilling) ect. Even things like fixing cars or lawn care hired someone for that.
My Dad never changed a diaper in his life or did a stitch of laundry. My brother is the same way. My brothers house is a pigstye. He lives with a girl who is partially disabled and can't really move around well. She can't clean and he won't. The most he does is take the trash out when he remembers.

My Dad tried to "help" my mom 1 time by starting the dishwasher. He put dawn dishsoap in the tray instead of dishwasher soap. BIG DISASTER. He never attempted to help again.
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