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Originally Posted by lulu_beans
Also, not to hijack the thread, but wondering the same as ^^above^^. We're VERY new to CD, and wondering tricks to help with the cheapies. I'm starting out with Thirsties, and someone gave me 2 of these. We've been practicing on one of my older daughters' dolls that wets...and these leak on that thing. I don't know how they are going to work on a real baby!
Leaks mean a couple things
Repelling: did you get these used or new and if new did you pre wash them.
Used you might need to strip: wash as normal with a DROP (a dime size) of blue dawn (has to be blue dawn) dish soap and rinse until no more suds in the washer.

Bad fit: are they decently 'tight' around the leg and waist.

Not enough absorption. The insert isnt holding the amount of water/pee being released. If the insert is soaked then you need more absorption.

It's possible the baby doll is 'peeing' faster than a normal baby would and that's why it's leaking. My girl pees in dribbles so theirs lots of time to absorb into the liner.

I did get a response from another member through a pm. She said that she washes them as usual. She's had a couple that the laminate peeled off the back but the other ones are just fine.
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