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Re: Rear facing in a subaru forester

What year is the Forester? The body style changed in '09, giving them a roomier interior. We tested our Evenflo Triumph in an '08 & an '09 when we were car shopping. It easily fit in the '09, but the seat needed to be way forward in the '08.

IFAIK, b/c I was reading the manual for the Forester a month or so ago for an install, you can install in the center position, but you may not borrow the outboard anchors. We had DD RFing in the passenger side w/o problems. We have a lot of inclement weather here, & neither DP nor I were about to make that wrestling with the seat experience any longer by doing a center install. My thought was that the seat is safe, the car has amongst the highest safety ratings, and I'm more likely to get a correct install with LATCH, so that's what we did. She's now FFing outboard as well--again, primarily b/c I feel more confident in my ability to install correctly in that position.
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