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Sexy AND Mommy?

So I just took a really long bath....possibly the longest in 3 years LOL and I realized a few things...

- I used to think a lot in the shower/bath. No wonder I have mommy brain.

- Baths are wonderful.

- Last, my point:
I don't know how to be sexy and mommy. Back before DD, I enjoyed sex and being sexy and all that (shaving my legs, putting on a dress or even some lingerie) with/for my DH. But then DD came, and I didn't wanna be touched. And now I still have problems, and she's 3! Part of it now is time and exhaustion, of course. But there's this nurturing mommy part that makes me feel almost guilty for having sexy feelings.

If you think about all those motherly women in society, you don't also think of them as sexual. And vice versa. I'm not saying I want to be all crazy sexy...I just want to feel sexy enough to find that bond again with my DH. I want to find that balance. I want to WANT to have my DH and him want me.

This also might help with baby-making, but of course then the cycle would start over again...!

So how do you do it? How do you balance being a nurturing parent and a sexy lover?
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