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Re: What does your childcare/ preschool do for birthdays?

Originally Posted by doodah View Post
I am not surprised at all about what happened. Staff at centers are notoriously over worked and jaded. Not all are like that but many are. That would explain the fact that the teachers either forgot or just didnt care.

I would be more concerned that your child seems to regularly have 4 different caregivers through out the day than the fact that the cupcakes were not given out. This sounds more like a daycare with the preschool label, not a quality/organized/well run preschool. I wonder how there is supposed to be structure and consistency with people in and out of the room all day. I understand that lunch breaks are needed but it was 3pm, correct?

I understand why you would be upset but from your post, I would be upset about more than just the birthday cupcakes.
3pm is often a shift change in a center. Is also usually when official nap time is over. Preschool is normally done in the mornings since kids come only for preschool/half days. The afternoon are usually only about daycare. Depending on the hours 4 different care givers is not uncommon. Usually have 2 shifts (6am to 2 or 3 and noon or 3 to close) with 2 staff (teacher and asst) in each. There is usually a lot of shifting during nap times (lunch for staff). Even on a normal day you'd have 4 people in the room plus whoever is covering lunch unless the staff hours overlap. The teacher should be constant and usually the assit is as well but a lot of places float assits and only have the 2 teachers or lead (In the afternoon it might not even officially be a teacher just a qualified lead) are fixtures in the class.
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