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My kids take a lot of different vitamins/supplements because they have some health issues. I agree that standard process is a great brand. We've used that in the past. Over the years we've tried a lot of different ones but we currently do a generic organic version of Juice Plus that I get at Sam's- just open the capsule and mix in juice. Our pedi wanted them on Juice Plus but it's too expensive for our family. We do Nordic Natural's Omega 3's and vitamin d. They also do probiotics and enzymes. Most people could probably skip the enzymes but I think the probiotics are a must. They both take an adult dose of probiotics, the children's aren't strong enough. I think the biggest thing is to look for a "whole food" supplement in a multi. Honestly, I'm more concerned with probiotics, omegas, and D than I am with the multi because they eat a healthy diet.
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