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Re: What does your childcare/ preschool do for birthdays?

Originally Posted by jbug_4 View Post
Most preschools don't do anything unless the parent has provided something. They can't celebrate every b-day. Its just too much to make a big deal out of every b-day. In both my dd's preschool and the one I taught in- we would have a construction paper b-day crown and sing happy b-day at lunch unless the parent brought something in then we'd sing when we did the treat. Which was usually in place of afternoon snack. If parents want to be apart of the treat then they needed to come during that snack time. I taught at one school that had a once a month "party" for all the b-days of that month. These were preschool with daycare options not straight daycare. Celebrating every b-day disrupts preschool time. A lot of teachers I know do make the b-day kid the person of the day or class helper on their b-day but that is about all they do.
ITA with this. I will add, too, that many schools have nutrition policies and cupcakes would be discouraged because they cannot serve that many treats. Add to that the potential for offence for celebrating birthdays in a multi-cultural situation, and I think a lot of schools/preschools are downplaying birthdays and trying not to make a big deal. It's sad, but it is the way things have gone down.

I hope you managed to make you DD's birthday special despite the school!
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