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Re: Sexy AND Mommy?

Originally Posted by Aubrey<3Gavin View Post
Some may find that this takes the "romance" out of it, but I find that scheduling our "fun time" helps me so much. It might at least help you get started in the right direction. I have such a hard time flipping the switch between mommy and sexy wife and I still am not doing well with spontaneous sex...I'm tired and get annoyed to be honest. But if we say, "Tomorrow after AB goes to bed we should make love," then I am anticipating it, which helps me get excited about it and makes flipping the switch so much easier.
This is more descriptive of my approach. After being gone for 10 hours for work, getting the kids fed and bathed, checking homework and then getting them to bed, and being 8 months pregnant with baby #5, annoyed doesn't begin to describe how I feel when randomly approached for sex.

I am such a planner due to being SO busy, and if I know sex is coming up, I enjoy it more.

Fortunately, my DH doesn't care how he gets it as long as he does (spontaneous or schedule) that it all works out.
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