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3rd grade sexy talk -- WWYD?

My 3rd grader has several friends at school with older siblings. Recently they have been talking a lot about their private parts and use fruit names to refer to them.

Yesterday she came home begging to watch the gangnam style video because "everyone" at school had seen it and it is "awesome." According to my 5 year old everyone in kindergarten has seen it too (they also have "Beaver Fever" in kindergarten). We watched it and they agreed that it was truly "awesome."

Later we were talking about the word sexy. One of the few understandable lyrics is "sexy lady." I told them it meant attractive or good looking for an adult but children are never sexy. My 3rd grader then admitted that she and her friends call each other and their fruity body parts sexy. She also showed me a little hip grind they do when they say sexy. Ugh!

I'm happy she feels comfortable sharing with me. My mom would have freaked out if I had been dumb enough to tell her something like this. She knows about sex as it relates to making babies but I don't think she understands that people do it for fun. I know she doesn't really understand what sexy means.

Do I tell her? How do I handle this? Do I just listen? I feel like being interested in body parts is age appropriate but the sexy stuff make me a little sick to my stomach and it's hard not to freak out.
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