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Re: Do you Grocery Shop with your kids or on your own

It varies. Sometimes we go as a family: me, dh, and 7 kids. I personally like to go with the help of my 14 yr old dd and leave everyone else at home. MY almost 18 yr old dd likes to go with me but if she goes we have to take 2 yr old dd with us and she REFUSES to sit in a buggy and it makes me CRAZY!!! I don't like taking all of the kids and especially don't like it if we are going to Wal-Mart because it then turns into a "I want" by all of them. I am the "no man" and dh is the "yes man" so I prefer if he stays at home too. I refuse to buy candy and Coke for everyone at the register but he is a sucker and will waste money on it. Why in the heck do I want to spend $1.50+ on a single drink when I can buy a 2 liter for less? I can go shopping with my list and my coupons and get what I need and get out without spending unnecessarily.

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