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Re: 3rd grade sexy talk -- WWYD?

Welcome to 2013. It is actually normal talk among 3rd graders (as scary as it may be). I have a friend who always talked about being sexy with her kids when they were younger.....maybe the oldest was in 3rd grade. I found it odd, but that it was just a cultural thing.

I would absolutely talk to her about it. Try not to feel or come across as though it bothers you. You don't want her to pick up mixed feelings from you. Tell her that girls like to joke around and have fun. Tell her it is a good thing that she knows the real name of body parts b/c some of her friends might not (unfortunately). Most kids who make up names for body parts do it b/c that is what they are used to at home. It is really sad kids can't grow up being able to say the real name of a body part. Elbow. just said ELBOW!!!!

This is the beginning age/stage for becoming interested in boys. Let her know that while sexy may be more of an adult word, more and more kids and younger ones are using it b/c they hear it through movies, tv, song lyrics, or even other adults and kids. Personally, if dd1 who is also in 3rd grade talks like that with her friends I don't really care. Most of our society feels that being sexy, looking sexy, feeling sexy is important. No matter race, color, size, age, culture, etc.
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