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My little boy is in preschool!!!

Today is Day #3 of preschool for DS2. He's been asking to go since August (he sees the preschool every day b/c it's on the same campus as DS1's school)

Everything has gone by so quickly: he PLed over the Christmas break, which was pretty nice. Then several weeks of almost no accidents. Oldest went back to school, and after a week I decided to call the preschool and find out if/when he could start.

They had room in the afternoon class, so on Tuesday we went to check it out. I stayed the whole time (about 2 hours). He wanted to go the next day so I signed him up!

I remember just AGONIZING over sending DS1 to child care, then to preschool, then to school...but things went so smoothly for DS2. No agonizing, I like the preschool and his teacher. I will volunteer w/the class on Mondays. My time at home is very different now.

It just feels weird sometimes, with the house quiet and no boys around.
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