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Originally Posted by FernHollow View Post

We are going to be moving either this summer while I am very pregnant or shortly after and money could definitely be used in other areas besides diapers I am sure. We probably will end up with an older washer and dryer and now that I think of it the fitteds might take forever to dry. I am used to our FLer tha spins out the water! I am ok with spending more on the Sbish if we will really use/love them since they would save us from buying sposies. I am just not sure if flats or expensive fitteds will be more stressful for a homeschooling mama of 6.
I am also a homeschooling mama of six and dont find flats stressful at all. we did have problems keeping our sbish clean (at one point I had a whole stash of sbish) and that was stressful! So easy cleaning diapers are what I stick with!

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