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Re: Wisdom of Four

Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs View Post
Wow my son is 4 and doesn't draw anything that detailed yet! I had to look up the stages of drawing to wonder if I had to worry. I see that I don't. My son is in stage 4.

Congratulations on having such an artist!
Oh, geesh... thanks. I didn't mean to worry anyone. I just thought the story was cute and so perfect in terms of sticking together. He has always been one to sit and draw and colour.

Originally Posted by danner View Post
How awesome! I love it all - the art, the story, the strong family ideal. You must be so proud. My 4 yo daughter loves maps and stories. She'd be lining up to hear this story. Especially if there was a dragon.

Incidentally, we're reading her The Hobbit right now and she has a little crush on Gandalf. Haha.

Eta. Sorry, it sounds like there was a Balrog, not a dragon...
We're reading The Hobbit, too! My kids are loving it. I am looking to see if I can find a copy of the old animated movie, because I remember loving it when I was little.

Originally Posted by AbbieJack View Post
He is so much deeper than my 4 year old! Mine drew a picture of a dragon the other day and while he was telling me about it he said the Dragons favorite food was barbecued knights .
TBH I was a little concerned when I saw the monster and I thought one of us might get eaten. The long ropes with little kids dangling off them had me worried, too. But, apparently, it is always his big brother, rescuing him.
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