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Re: What does your childcare/ preschool do for birthdays?

Originally Posted by jeebee View Post
The school asks to please provide mini cupcakes or a small treat for the birthday. I don't actually see it as such a big deal since there are only about 16 kids in the group, so that is 16 cupcakes a year. Less than one every two weeks. In my opinion nothing wrong with that. Especially since I bake them myself.
Some people are not ok with their kids getting cupcakes that often. Just because you are ok with it doesn't mean others are. I understand wanting to celebrate but not every body celebrates the same way which is only one of the reasons that a lot of places don't make a big deal out of b-days. DD's current school (actual elementary school) recommends bringing in non-food items for b-days but its not a rule. They don't sing happy b-day and don't do anything at all other than serve whatever treat the parent brought in. Some teachers might make them line leaders for the day, but that is purely up to the teacher. I'd prefer a no treat rule because 1. we are not ok with cupcakes every 2 weeks and 2. my dd as well as another child in her class has food allergies. So every time a parent brings in lovely frosting (and usually sprinkle covered) cupcakes my dd and the other kid in class has to watch all their friends eat the lovely cupcakes while they eat whatever snack they had for that day. Even if the parent took precautions in making the cupcakes my dd would still not be allowed to eat them. After the 2nd time in 2 weeks my dd came home bummed because her class had cupcakes I provided her teacher with oreos for those occasions. I am also not ok with her eating oreos often either. I'd really prefer that not do crowns either just make them line leader or class helper- this is more for when actual school starts though. There are lots of kids with summer b-days that don't get to participate because they aren't in school.

I am sorry that you did not get what you expected but they really aren't their to celebrate b-days. hopefully she had a great b-day! Oh btw when i was teaching the only way I remember all the b-days was to have it on the classroom board calendar AND a separate decorated display made up each month. I know all our children are special but a teacher or childcare provider sees thousands of kids in their career. And while I loved all the kids in my care to be completely honest only a few actually stick out in my mind, the rest start to run together.
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