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UPDATE haircut pics ***** Cut 5yr old's curly hair or not?

My DD recently requested a haircut (to "short" hair). It was kind of a frivolous request and she hasn't brought it up again.
She has really curly hair and it is often a pain to comb through.... but she doesn't mind comb-outs.
Anyhow.... if any mamas of curly girls did a 5yr-old-ish hair cut - did it go back to looking at all like your babygirl did when she was 2 or 3 and the curls were so soft and bouncy? (wishful thinking!!

This is her hair now:

The back can get really dread-y. Its curlier underneath. This is not a great example photo. :/

These are her sweet baby curls (oops, I mean 2.5 yrs old)

I'd love to see some curly girl haircut pics. pretty please!!!!

ETA 5/27/13
She asked again last night and I figured swift action would be better than our "think about it for a while" approach. I think it turned out super cute and have to share my pretty DD....

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