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Re: Cut 5yr old's curly hair or not?

Originally Posted by AbbieJack View Post
I have curly hair like your DD and DON"T cut it short!!! When I've cut my hair short it just turned into a gigantic "fro" for the lack of a better word. My hair needs the weight of being long to look decent.
Yes. You can trim it to make it even and maybe give it some layers to help the curls out, but don't cut it short. 3 year old hair is very different. It won't ever be the same. Mine isn't. But mine is still curly, just not the silky smooth bouncy curls I had as a toddler/preschooler. It's more coarse now and frizzes much more easily. (going by photos since I don't remember )

My daughter's hair is curly. She is 5. We give her trims fairly often because it grows unevenly and hangs and curls much nicer when it's trimmed. My mom is our hairdresser since she used to be one.
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