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WWYD - 4 year old reaches RF weight limit

Hello! My DS will be 4 in about a month, but he has pretty much reached the 35lb RF weight limit on our Marathon Classic. I'm shopping for a new seat, regardless of whether he turns FF, so both options account for buying a new seat.

DS is 34+ pounds, 39.5 inches, slim build (30%) & giant head (95% - one of the reasons I ERF)

1) Would you RF longer in a Radian, even if it's stable at the belt path but fishtails (rotates) significantly?
We don't own this seat, but I have bought it in the past to try it out, finding it to be a poor fit in both vehicles. I did not try the angle adjuster, but it would be a must for us to use it. If the angle adjuster keeps it from fishtailing/rotating, problem solved.


2) Would you FF in a convertible or combination seat?
I don't know yet if the Recaro Prosport will fit on the center, multi-function seat in my Odyssey, but this is the seat I'm looking at for that position. DD will be right next to it, outboard RF in a Britax Blvd 70 or Roundabout 50 (we have both, but as she gets older it will remain to be seen if we need the higher weight limit or higher height limit). I think the ProSport is narrow enough to fit between DD's seat and the other captain's chair (which needs to be able to slide fully forward), but it will really depend on how the base is designed and if it drops over the edges of that narrow vehicle seat.\

If you have another suggested option for me to consider, please elaborate! Thanks!
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