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Re: What does your childcare/ preschool do for birthdays?

I guess maybe I just come from a different background to others. I do think a birthday is a big deal and that it should be a special day for a child. I'm not saying they have to go all out for your kid all day, but since there are only a few children, I would think the teacher should at least be organised enough to know whose birthdays are coming up, because I feel like their chosen career is childCARE, surely they care about the children? They have the same group all year, so it's not like they don't know the kids at all. It's not really about whether or not they have cupcakes or a snack or a carrot! It's about the fact that nobody cared that it was her birthday, and it makes me sad that they didn't go a little out of their way to make her feel special. AND all the other kids in the class when it is their birthdays I would hope they would do the same. It doesn't have to be much, just a special crown or badge or sticker, some special treatment for the day like being the leader.

Ah well, I am just interested to see that people have such a variety of experiences and expectations for birthdays.
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