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Re: I am about to turn psycho mom

Originally Posted by AbbieJack View Post
Flame away if you want but we charge our children toys for each question they ask after it's time for bed. Example if DD wants to ask why is the sky blue it will cost her her favorite stuffed animal. They get there toys back the next night if they stay in bed.
We do this, too. I remind my kids before bed every night, but that they can get up to go potty or if they have a nightmare. Otherwise it will cost them. I also "reward" them for staying in bed all night with breakfast beverage of choice (milk instead of water).

We also have the rule that all children must be in their rooms with the door closed by 8:00, but they can stay up and read as long as they want. So we keep a little lamp and pile of books by every bed. They are allowed out of their rooms at 7:00am when their clock radios turn on.
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