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Re: What does your childcare/ preschool do for birthdays?

We always did something for the kids. Just dorky little things. They get a special tag so every adult will say "It's your birthday!?!?! Happy Birthday!!!"

They get to be line leader, they pick the story, they get to be first for most things... we say "let's ask the birthday girl". Just silly things like that.

In my daycare home, it's different. We don't do the tag, and we don't have lines. But, I make their favorite lunch. I pick them first for everything. I make sure they have their favorite color fork, washrag, etc. If for some reason, I don't know what their favorite is, I will ask them. (I always let them plan the lunch the day before...they pick horrible foods, but I make it)

I buy them a gift every birthday. (usually around $15 gift)

USUALLY though, the parent will discuss their birthday with me a day or so in advance. They will ask me if they can bring a snack, any food allergies, etc. So, I do occasionally need a heads up. I have been caught off guard a few times.
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