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Re: Sexy AND Mommy?

It sounds like you figured some of the reason out why yourself - you're not comfortable with your body right now. Can you put aside some time every day or even every week where you do something to make yourself feel good and sexy about yourself. Maybe you take a bath once a week. Maybe it's putting lotion on before bed. Maybe going for a walk after dinner (while your husband cleans up )If money isn't a problem maybe buy yourself some new undergarments, or a new perfume, or makeup or go for a pedicure or even give yourself one. It's hard when you're so busy to take the time for yourself, but if you think about it, it's only a little extra effort which you feel good about after. Don't try to make a big change that you won't stick to, just little ones.
Also try getting some books to spice up your sex life. I'm not saying dirty books, but books on improving sex, or new positions or try out a new toy. Sometimes the feelings come after making the effort.
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