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Re: question for bamboozle users

This was one of my best successes with diapering our 2 year old overnight (12 hour stomach sleeper). I would use the snap in insert that came with it and add one more insert (hemp or bamboo) just to be safe. I don't have any grovia covers to offer any experience with that combo. What worked best for me was a RaR OS cover- the shape was great for covering the fitted, worked well with skinny legs, and I liked the elastic across the belly on the front to help keep the fitted from working its way out by morning. Fails for me with this diaper were a Flip and all of the Bummis. Flip didn't have the right coverage over the top of the hip and Bummis always seemed to creep out of the top by morning. As far as washing goes, it was pretty easy compared to some of my others (like the Ecoposh). We fought ammonia issues with all of our overnight diapers (not the diaper's fault necessarily- FL'er washer, 2 year old concentrated pee, etc.) and used a combo of Tide and bleach to win the battle.
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