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Re: So I got bored....

I'm curious to hear the response!
You should be able to ask any manufacturer OR reseller for a GCC (General Certificate of Conformity) for each and every print and style. Also, if the product has snaps or PUL, it must be tested for lead, pthalates, and flammability.

So, for example, you could send an email saying, "Hi. I would like the GCC for your overnight pocket diaper in the blue owl print."

They should be able to provide either the SGS test results or a GCC that clearly shows the lead/pthalate/flammability testing for 1) Blue owl PUL fabric 2) white microfleece inner fabric 3) snaps 4) elastic.

(And not just a one-page SGS test report for *white* PUL and fleece.)
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