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Mom sick vs. rest if the family sick

I feel like I'm dying. I'm exaggerating but not by too much. I have a fever, no voice, a hacking cough, a runny nose, body aches, sore teeth (sinus pressure), a headache and no appetite.
My kids no husband are all sick too. They have coughs, runny noses and...nothing else.
But it's the absolute end of the world for all them. Nt to mention that I've been home with all three of them since last Wednesday. My oldest has been too sick for school since he's so snotty.

I'm not complaining about my husband not taking care of me or anything. He has to work. I'm just frustrated since I'm so much sicker than everyone else, but I seem to get the least amount of help or care. Sigh. Okay rant over.
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