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Re: Cut 5yr old's curly hair or not?

Originally Posted by me_just_me View Post
Wow! What a change in hair over a short time.

Honestly, no. I'm pretty sure you will not see that same curl some back. My 5 and 3 year old's both had curls when little, but once they were cut off, they were gone for good. So sad

You might get some curl back with a good cut and following hair care meant for curly hair. Google the curly girl method!
I agree with' hair texture changes from their "baby" hair to their "big kid" hair. Your DD's texture may never be the same again.

That said, she definitely has a lot of wave/bend/curl in her hair as it is now. I'd look into the CG method (when I do what I'm supposed to, my hair looks great!) & consider getting her hair shaped (b/c the overall length isn't bad) by someone who really specializes in curly, wavy, or textured hair. I just got my first Deva Cut & it really is incredible, but I've also gotten good Ouidad cuts, texture & shape cuts, & even from a few non-specialist stylists who really know curly hair. The way you wash it & handle it will probably make the biggest difference...I'd recommend getting the Curly Girl Handbook. The 2nd edition comes with a DVD that demonstrates how to give a good trim at home, too. It might even be available through your local library.
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