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Re: Tell me about Alva pockets.

Originally Posted by March View Post
I think it sounds like a huge risk and I honestly do suspect that the well known, reputable stores like Diaper Junction who are buying generics are paying for testing and playing by the rules. I think it's a shame that so many of these generic brand factories will unscrupulously undermine their high-volume clients by selling products directly to consumers at cost. They probably don't sell an identical product, but allow the store to trademark a feature, but the products are similar enough that the consumer feels duped for having paid the store's price-point.
This is were you lose me, so correct me if I am misunderstanding. You think that The cheap diapers at diaper junction are being produced by the same companies as are manufacturing said "china cheapies". Since you believe DJ is doing the correct testing, using the same factories, ect, why are these same diapers unsafe sold under a different name wholesale? (You already clarified your stance on copyrights and import practice so my interest here is your issue with safety) Serious question, no snark intended, I just want to understand your thought process here.
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