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Originally Posted by momgoddesswife View Post

This is a whole other language to me. You lost me at Fussy Cuts. LOL

So basically people buying them just to buy them and say they got one and then not actually planning on using them. What is the regular price on them?
The Fussy Cuts are where you get a certain part of the fabric, you get to choose IIRC. Some fabric tells a story, so to speak. Has different things on it and say it is Alice in wonderland and you really want Alice on the bum. Then you can get that. Or you love the cute little Batman not Wonderwoman. You pick.

I can't say exactly about why they buy them. Some get caught up in it. Some find another they have to buy before their diaper is even made since lots are pre-order. Some have loads of money. It always seemed like a popularity contest.

I don't think all buy them planning to not use them. But in my case, it was too hard to actually let my kid poop in a diaper I paid 3 times retail for. So they sat there. Then I sold them.

Retail varies depending on if it is a designer diaper or just a regular diaper. The rules have changed since when I was in deep. I was an addict back in '09. Then you paid $39.xx for 1 diaper and you had to stalk and pray you got it. Feelings got hurt because I wasn't a "cool kid" didn't know the tricks to score one as fast as the other"in the know" mamas. Right about the time I sold them off, I was "let in on the secret". Since then they went down to $28 in price when they went through a slow period & now I have seen them more than $50 just from GM headquarters. Those are "special" Hard to find fabrics I have been told.

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