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Re: WWYD - 4 year old reaches RF weight limit

Originally Posted by jess71903 View Post
Just for anyone reading: Rear facing seats can and will move at the head of the seat, and it's perfectly safe. You just must have 1" or less of movement AT THE BELT PATH.

OP: I'd go combo, too. I love my ProSport, so hopefully it will work for you.
Thank you. I had read before that movement toward the front of the vehicle is ok on a RF seat; is that true of significant movement at the front end of the car seat's base (where it touches the vehicle seat)? When I tried the Radian in this position, it moved several inches side-to-side on the side opposite the belt path (front of vehicle), still where the Radian base touches the vehicle seat. It moved less than 1" at the belt path (though I think it had a little wiggle).

Both those things combined made me question it, since I'm used to getting a rock solid Britax install. It's possible the angle adjuster would solidify things, but after talking with DS he seems ok with FF (that remains to be seen when we actually turn him - and I suspect there may be protest over facing a different way than his younger sister). We might just see if there's a good fit with the ProSport, but I'll check if the store also sells the angle adjuster for the Radian and try out both seats in that position.
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