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I can feel the flames already for what I'm about to say. In my opinion, (see MY opinion!!!) gender equality is a myth. There are certain things that women can't do or can't do a well as men simply because they are women. Same goes for men. So this is where I think some division of "mans work" vs "women's work" is good. Those things to me are generally bigger things, but they exists nonetheless, which is why gender equality is a joke to me.
That being said, my husband is a much better housekeeper than I am. He works and I stay home with the kids. But it's because I had hard pregnancies and want really capable of doing much. He has always said he'd much rather be a stay at home dad and I would much rather get out for awhile everyday. I feel like he takes care of things much better than me, although he would disagree. But it's a respect thing with us. He respects and admits that me staying home all day with three kids is a MUCH harder job than he does.
But then again I hit the jackpot with him since every other guy I've ever been with has been supremely ill equipped to exist.
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