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Re: How much have you spent on cloth diapers?

There is absolutely no way for me to know. When I first started out - 22 years ago - it was chump change. With the next baby it grew a little. The next child was all prefolds & aristocrats, still pretty minimal. THEN, I found the internet & diaper forums. And 10 years agoI had my 4th child. And she had El Bees & Swaddlebees & Fuzbaby & BizzyB's and on & on. (I know there are many of you who have NO CLUE what some of these diapers are! LOL), the next baby I didn't go quite as crazy, but still spent a load. My 6th baby didn't have fancy diapers, but had some sweet wool. And now I am spending crazy amounts on diapers again.

The other day I tried to tell my dh straight faced that I cloth diapered to save $. I am not good at "lying" in general, so my straight face had him seriously confused. he was all - no... you do it to keep chemicals off of the babies. right. no?!? How are you saving money?!? really???!!!

LOL. I actually convinced him I had saved us $! LOL!

(and for the record - I feel really,really stupid for the amount I have spent on diapers & wool. Its stupid & I was falling into it again. I'm selling all but my basic diapers & stopping myself from going insane on wool. It truly is $ down the drain. Even if you have $ to burn, what is the point? People go hungry in our world while I waste $ on fancy poop catchers! sigh....)
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