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Re: How much have you spent on cloth diapers?

Originally Posted by ~*~Sunflower~*~ View Post
There is absolutely no way for me to know. When I first started out - 22 years ago - it was chump change. With the next baby it grew a little. The next child was all prefolds & aristocrats, still pretty minimal. THEN, I found the internet & diaper forums. And 10 years agoI had my 4th child. And she had El Bees & Swaddlebees & Fuzbaby & BizzyB's and on & on. (I know there are many of you who have NO CLUE what some of these diapers are! LOL), the next baby I didn't go quite as crazy, but still spent a load. My 6th baby didn't have fancy diapers, but had some sweet wool. And now I am spending crazy amounts on diapers again.

The other day I tried to tell my dh straight faced that I cloth diapered to save $. I am not good at "lying" in general, so my straight face had him seriously confused. he was all - no... you do it to keep chemicals off of the babies. right. no?!? How are you saving money?!? really???!!!

LOL. I actually convinced him I had saved us $! LOL!

(and for the record - I feel really,really stupid for the amount I have spent on diapers & wool. Its stupid & I was falling into it again. I'm selling all but my basic diapers & stopping myself from going insane on wool. It truly is $ down the drain. Even if you have $ to burn, what is the point? People go hungry in our world while I waste $ on fancy poop catchers! sigh....)
This is very much like me. I figure I probably saved with my 1st and 2nd who are almost 9 and almost 7. My 3rd I probably spent about the same maybe a little more than high end disposables because we got into Goodmamas and a major wool obsession, but was able to recoup most that money because stuff sold really well back then. #4 (now PLed) had a stash that paid for itself after selling everything except about $300 from birth to potty, but that was mostly flats, prefolds and Flips with a few BGEs. I went overboard trying to solve #5's skin problems in cloth and have wasted probably around 400 out of pocket (not including gifted items) yet he has spent at least 6 months mostly in disposables because of his eczema. He is 17mo so we probably broke even compared to disposables after washing costs for his first year when we actually CDed full time. My numbers are AFTER selling so total purchases for 5 kids before that I don't want to think of.

I totally agree about the last part! It really is such a strange addiction and honestly I don't know much I feel comfortable hanging out here these days when it seems throwing away money on huge big stashes is pretty much considered normal. I remember people buying nice fluff back in the day but I don't remember such a strong trend towards most people having excessive stashes. I think the group dynamic has really sucked a lot of mamas in that really truly need to be saving money not collecting. JMHO.

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